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Tourist can rent a shard bike in Lhasa now

Time: 2017/5/19

If you are travelling in Tibet after May.14th,you would be able to rent a shared bike in Lhasa,also locals called it a more efficient and pleasant way to travel between home and work.

China's biggest bicycle-sharing startup, Ofo,is the only shared bike service that has entered Tibet yet,users are required to pay a 99 yuan ($14.35) deposit to open an account, but riding for 1 hour costs only 1 yuan.Ofo announced plans to make 2,000 shared bikes available there this month and well as to expand the service across the region.

Tibet welcomed more than 23 million visitors last year, while more than 13 million tourists visited Lhasa.Ofo would enhance the management of its operation to bring safe, convenient and comfortable travel to residents.Renting a yellow bike to take a ride beside the Potala Palace and see this holy city by bicycle would be a different experience.

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