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Changes at Tibet Everest Base Camp in 2019

Time: 2019/6/11
For 2019, a huge clean up effort will be happening on the Tibet side of Everest. 
China is going to continue doing a large scale clean up project on the Tibet side of Mt Everest throughout 2019. This clean up project began in 2018, where over 8 tons of waste was collected. 

For 2019, China is putting a limit on the number of climbing permits that will be issued. The China Tibet Mountaineering Association will only issue 300 climbing permits for this year and might keep that number the same going into the future. There will be no limit to the number of travelers who can go to Mt Everest.Travelers without an Everest climbing permit will only be able to go as far as Rongbuk Monastery. 

While the BBC Headline on February 15, 2019 made it sound like Everest is off-limits to foreign travelers, in reality the changes are not nearly as drastic. 

Truth is, in a long-term effort to safeguard the fragile eco-system of Mt.Everest Region, the EBC site has moved to a new spot near Rongbuk Monastery. 

To our clients, the overall EBC tour experience was not compromised at all and there was no need to worry about it. Standing at Rongbuk Monastery (5154m), the world’s highest Buddhist monastery, you will enjoy the best vantage point for a panoramic view of the incredible pyramid-shaped summit of Mt. Everest. Close-up enough and the view of Everest is still fantastic.

                                          Chinayak clients who visit EBC in April 2019

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